Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tried and true?

Hi again. Well, last time I told you that I was just gonna post when I have crafted or baked. Just me being supermom in general. Have I told you about my rugrats? I have an 18 year old son who graduates and is going to the Navy. I have a little boy who will be 9 in March. They are the light of my life and my best accomplishments. I am a very proud mom!

Well, let's get to it. One night my bf and I was outside taking a walk and as we were coming out the alley I seen this chair. Yes, it was beat up, and the pleather was ripped but the single curved line of the chair had me hooked. I made my bf carry it through town, past our city police man. We looked like what we were doing. Stealing a chair. I call it rescued though because nobody was loving it like I was going to. I brought it home and looked at it for awhile before I took it apart. Move forward a couple of years. I recently moved and I am in bad need of chairs for my kitchen. I dug that chair out of the back of my closet. I found the pieces for the back, to sit on and I couldn't find the bolts. Thank goodness my bf has a little of everything. I have this really pretty moss green cotton fabric with these little green leaves on it. There is also enough to make me valances for my kitchen window for spring. This winter has been so harsh that I will want a little green spring to come in. It also (without any knowledge from me) matches my kitchen table cloth. I got everything out and I proceeded to recover my chair.
Here are the items I used:
1. fabric
2. batting
3. glue gun
4. staple gun and staples
5. sissors
6. muscles (totally my idea)

Here is my chair. I thought for a long time it needed some kind of vintage 70's fabric but when you need a chair you will use anything. The reason I said you needed muscles is because if you have ever recovered a chair you need strong hands to pull the fabric tight to staple it. I just looked on Pinterest, found the basics of recovering and went to it. You cant mess it up. This is my first time and it turned out great. A plus, this time there is more cushion. A much more comfortable seat.

Moving on to something else. Have you ever heard of the sock pony? Getting curl in your hair by using a sock overnight? Here's a pic and some pretty basic instructions or you can look up sock bun on you tube.

Idk why it wont post the link. This worked for me. I love how the curl turned out beachy and soft. I used no product, I barely made my hair damp before I rolled it. I think that the weight of the sock determines how tight or loose your curl is. Next time I am going to use a thin dress sock and see if the curl turns out tighter. Here is an actual pic of my hair after a night of sock bun. 

I dont think it turned out too bad. Like I said before, use a smaller sock. I used a thick gym sock. 

I have one more thing I want to brag about and then Ill go off and find something else to do. I put Charlie Brown valentine's on my little scrub tree. I thought it may be cute and would perk up that tree. Now, I just need to go to the nearest .99 cent store and get some heart suckers.

My next project is the Impossible Pie. I will let you know what I think about that. I am not a coconut lover but something that comes from regular ingredients from my fridge and cabinets, all combined in a blender, and makes its own crust is worth a try even though the cook hates coconut. I am sure that my boys will have no trouble with it at all. 

Love and Laughter until next pin or post.