Thursday, February 27, 2014

Me and my bright ideas....

Hello again! I have really been under the weather. After a bout with the flu, I had strep. It just seems its never going to end. I have had my fill of winter. As I look out my window now, its dreary. Where is the sun? Please come back! 

I have an auction site that I use quite often. It's called Listia.

 If you don't know what it is, or you are interested Google it. You list your own items in any condition and you sell them for credits. The more auctions you list, the more fans you have, the more bids you receive, the better end result of your auction. My reason for bringing this up is I have been shopping for summer clothes. I live in a one red-light town and I am used to shopping in consignment shops where I previously lived. I went from city to country. We don't have any shopping options in this town but the Dollar General, and that's not my idea of what I want to wear. Anyway, its a really easy to get whats new (to you or the item), and I don't have to leave the house. It gives you the option of only looking for items with free shipping and to save money those are the only auctions I shop. I admit that last night I went overboard. I won 2 auctions, only thing is, they have a total of 11 thong & cami sets, and 4 bra and panty sets. That's not including all the extras that the nice lady put in both boxes. So now if I just could wear underwear and cami's all summer I would be doing really good. Unfortunately, that cant happen. Thank goodness at the end of last summer I bought out the clearance rack of maxi and sun dresses at our only store. On the bright side I have enough so I don't have to do my intimate laundry as often. Now I have a change for every day of the week!

I got off track. I am bad about that. I just want to share everything that I have been doing and catch up. About the Listia, I have been making these pop tab bracelets. It took me a minute to figure out how to make them really pretty so that they don't look handmade and homely. I used silk ribbon and I tied them off with buttons. They really are pretty. My thinking behind the bracelets are I can sell them on Listia to make up for the credits I have spent in the past few days. When I drop below a certain amount of credits I panic and have to list items to get my amount back up. Want to see a picture of the ones I have made already?

I know that they don't really look too attractive just laying there. Actually, I don't know if I would bid on them or not. Let me get one and take a picture with it on my wrist. Because I loved the black one I seen when I got the idea to make my own. Ok, here are some pictures of the purple silk ribbon one on me. 

Ok, I guess it looks better. I suppose if someone had never seen one before or didn't know what it was they would pass over it. I think it looks awesome just because I am proud of myself. I am craft challenged. That's why I post the things that I attempt to make. We have a laugh at ourselves and I have many, many ideas and more flops! 

Now another topic, my best friend crochets and I am so jealous. So I get this bright idea that I am going to learn to make these...

I look up easy crochet heart, (another Pinterest idea) and I watch the tutorial on you tube. I know the general idea of crochet. I can make a chain. Does that count? Anyway, I make half a heart. Just half because I cant figure out how to turn it around to make the other side. How silly is that. I am sure its so simple but I just cant do it. I wish I had a picture of my half a heart, it was a full hearted attempt though. Next time my BF and I get together she is going to teach me how to finish it. Last time I visited her I brought my pattern, which had been taken from my phone, and my yarn and needle and proceeded to try and watch her to learn so thats how I learned to crochet half a heart. So next visit we get to sit down, drink coffee, crochet heart garlands and have some old fashioned girl talk. Nothing better than a BF. I LOVE YOU! I will take pictures of my hearts once I figure out how to finish them. Eventually I hope to make these...

Arent they sweet. Know what I am going to do with the hearts that are solid crochet? I am going to cover my living room pillow and put a button in the middle to connect the heart to the pillow. I will post my crochet attempts. Its ok to laugh. I know they are terrible.

Its dinner time. I am going to be lazy tonight. I am going to be dining alone so I am having what I want. A kale, and berry nut salad and a piece of lemon pepper tilapia fish broiled. Yum. That' the only good thing about dining alone. I get to chose the menu. 

Bon Appetie!