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Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*Essence Review

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I have a great review to share. 

Let's get the must-say stuff out of the way first. 

I got this product free for a review. Although the company sent the product for me to keep, all views, opinions, ideas, and thoughts are my own. I was not compensated in a monetary way. I just got to use and keep the product. Getting a free product in no way affects my review. 


Ok, let's get to it!

This is the product I got free for a review. It is called Lumi*Essence. It's an Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment. It is made by a company called Sweetsation Therapy. There is a whole range of products that go along with this one. 

There are several items on the website that I am interested in. 

the Q*Lumiere Organic Day Creme with Cucumber & Co Q10, 4.0 oz - See more at:

Sweetsation Therapy has many products in many different areas to chose from. They carry product lines for Women, Kids, Men, Facial Care, Body Care, Sunscreen, and Pregnancy Safe.

They have some really nice collections too.

Men's Botanical Collection Set

Chocolate Summer Collection "Sunny Fun"

Mommy Love, Organic Pregnancy Gift Collection Set

Glowing Beauty Collection Set

This is what I would chose out of everything. It has everything you need. I think it's important to use products from the same line, that way I know how the ingredients are going to affect my skin on my face and body.

Beauty Intro Pack~10 Travel Sized Products

I think this would be great to own. Get yourself a nice travel bag and put all this in it. You wont need a thing, everything will be already packed so it's a huge time saver at home packing and when you get to your destination. It's easy to unpack, its all together. You are ready to freshen up! 

Everything is natural and good for your skin.

This is the actual product that I received. First off you notice the gorgeous label. I know you are not supposed to buy things just because of the packaging but this is one pretty label. 

It's a 2oz/60ml pump bottle.

It says that it has Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin & Vitamin C. 

Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*Essence Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment visibly corrects dark spots and helps even skin tone with a breakthrough formula that delivers professional grade results. Contains Kojic Acid that helps lighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Alpha-Arbutin, delivered from the leaves of cranberry, blueberry and bearberry shrubs is a skin lightening agent that prevents conversion of pigment-forming enzymes. Papaya and Pineapple extract provide intense exfoliation to help reduce the size and color intensity of dark spots and help even skin tone over time.

Apply alone or under a moisturizer am and pm over the entire face. Follow with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

Use only as directed. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and lasts. 


This is the cream on my hand. The Lumi*Essence is so silky. It comes out of the pump bottle thick and luxurious. It is also lightly scented but not unnaturally so. It wont interfere with your perfume or body spray. I usually buy unscented creams so I was pleasantly surprised with the scent. Its a sweet smell, not like a medicine like.

I have have spots. I am 42, have tanned my fair share, and bags and shadows run in my family. I have 2 dime sized (almost) brown spots on my cheeks. I am sure this is from my years as a lifeguard, thinking how good I looked all blonde and tan. Not once thinking about how my skin would be affected later on in my life.

 Do we ever think of that when we are young?
Hopefully young adults now a days realize how dangerous and damaging the sun can be. 

I also was blessed with freckles. My love spots, my grandad says. I have quite a sprinkle across my nose and cheeks. I am not self conscious about them at all, so lightening them never occurred to me but getting the spots on my cheeks to fade has been on my mind for the last year or so.

That leads me to this Sweetsation Therapy  review. When I first got offered this product I jumped at the chance.  I only try to review things I can actually use, that way everyone gets an honest opinion no matter what because its my experience. 

I have been using the brightening treatment for 2 weeks now. 

I enjoy using this product. It feels cooling when it goes on, it rubs in well and your face does not feel oily or greasy once it's into your skin. 

I have noticed that my skin tone is more even. I still have those dark spots but my skin seems like I have had a peel or a mask. I actually think my complexion looks better all the way around.

I think if I continue using the Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*Essence Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment that it will continue to work for me.

I plan to keep using it, with an update later on. I figure, by the time that this bottle is empty I will know for sure the degree to which it works.

You can purchase this product and many more on their website and on Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*Essence.

Here is some of the info from Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*

Lumi*Essence Organic Advanced Skin Brightening / Whitening Repair Treatment with Kojic Acid, Arbutin & Vitamin C, 2oz

Sale:$34.00 + $2.26 shipping
You Save:$5.00 (13%)
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by ARGANIA.
    Estimated Delivery Date: May 19 - 22 when you choose Standard at checkout.
    Face 2oz
    • Face 2oz
    • Face 2oz & Body 5oz
    • Body 5oz
    • The appearance of sun exposure related dark spots and discoloration is visibly diminished overtime
    • Skin radiance is increased overtime, skin complexion is more uniform
    • Hydroquinone-free, toxic ingredients free, Made in USA
    • Lightweight, fast absorbing lotion type essence leaves skin fresh and supple
    • Related product with (AHA) Mandelic acid 12% is available here

    This is my first time trying a product like the Sweetsation Therapy Lumi*Essence but I am really liking it.

    I think if you do your research, read the reviews, and follow on social media you can figure out what you need to know, to know if this is a line of products that you would be comfortable in purchasing and using.

    I think its working for me. I feel brighter, and if I feel good about myself and what I am using on my skin, my skin is going to reflect that and people will start to notice.

    I believe you will be glowing with rest of Sweetsation Therapy's happy users. Including myself!

    You can find them on Social Media!

    Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit!