Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Late DIY & Crochet Updates!

It's rainy and yucky outside so I decided since I had not done a week update on Sunday, I would catch you up today.

I have many things going on my hook, and more to come.

I wanted to share with you a few ideas I have and show you how the African Flower Pillow turned out.

Plus, I have a few ideas that I am not sure about so I am going to talk them over here. Maybe I can come up with a solution that way.

First off, I will show you the DIY pillow. I made the post about it earlier. I even made the pillow. You can go here to read all about it.

I just put the 3 granny flowers together and made 3 rows of dc to the seams in the pillow, then I just continued on working dc in each dc and decreasing when needed, and sl st the crochet seam together and walla! A crochet pillow!

I think it turned out really pretty. The colors are all shades of purple, teal and wine. It's more of a neck pillow. I have nothing to match it but who cares! 


My next idea is crochet edging for my cutoff jean shorts. I wanted something to fill the V that is cut into the sides of the shorts. 

Here is what I came up with, with the help of 5 Little Monsters. She has made a bunting out of this doily pattern and it's lovely, she even gives the option for hearts. I followed her on Bloglovin. It looks like a great blog to follow.

Its just a half doily, and the pattern is super simple. 

The doily is not attached yet because I am still looking for the perfect pattern. I think I am going to use this pattern but change yarn. I used cotton yarn but its a size 2, I think and not really heavy enough to hold up to the jeans. 

I do love it though and I think I am going with this one.

Even if I don't I am going to make her lovely bunting because I love them too!

So what do you think? Good idea or not?

One of my good friends came to visit me yesterday and said she needed something for her front door. I have a craft closet, and I love to make wreaths so I pulled one out and proceeded to whip her up one right there on the spot.

Here it is. I made it so she could use it for summer and the 4th of July.

The wreath is not huge, just big enough for the middle of your door. I crocheted the little stars as an after thought so I wouldn't let her take it home. 

She should be by today to pick it up.

I think is really pretty, and I would love to use it on my door.

I think I blogged that my oldest son Hunter moved downstairs.
I put him up curtains but since we have to have 84' we have to have curtain ties to keep them open. 

He asked me to crochet him a set. I about fell out. Crochet curtain ties for a boy, AND he asked for them. How could I not?

Here they are, not fancy but they turned out great. I want to make a set for my kitchen. The beads are a great touch.

Seriously, this is just chains and dc.

I can not for the life of me find the simple pattern I used. I updated to Windows 8 and I switched back to Chrome and I am getting used to it again but I have lost a few things in the process.

This pattern was ch 50, leave the last 8 sts unworked, turn work up other side dc all the way and crochet 8 chains at the end. Tie ends into little loops and your done.

I took 2 foot long pieces of yarn, doubled them, put the through the middle of the tie back and slipped the bead on and knotted at the bottom so it wouldn't fall off.

Thats it. 

Super simple and my kids is using them as we speak. He liked them because I made them boy style. No flowers or variegated yarn. So simple.

Let's see what's next...

Oh yeah, I found a lampshade on the sidewalk up from my house. Of course I had to rescue it. I think I am going to crochet on it to match my gray/pink never ending granny blanket and shams I just made. There is a blog post for this but I cant remember the name. I need to remember to start tagging my stuff. I am learning as I go.

Here is the once pretty shade and what I intend on doing to it to make it pretty once again.

This is the start. No pattern. I just have to increase along the lines of the shade. You can see them clearly. The RHSS is the leftover skeins that I had from the bedroom set.

See how it's getting bigger as it gets longer. I plan to make all the panels. There are 8 of them so this shouldn't take too long. The shade itself is ok, but the top hardware where it attaches to the lamp is gone. Thankfully Bub recycled the guts of a shade with no fabric so I have the parts I need. I love being with a man who loves to recycle and DIY like I do. 

If I say I need anything, he is on the lookout for it. Most of the time he is successful.

He's good to me. <3

So, do you think the lamp is doable?

One more project and I swear I will quit. I told you I had been busy this week. Projects are just filling my head but I am having a hard time settling on anything so I am finishing all the wip's I have going on.

This is another one about my son, Hunter.
He has these favorite Areo jeans that are his absolute favorite. Naturally they have a hole where every pair of jeans gets a hole. At the pocket, and it grows from there.

Bub brought me a new tool the other day, and it worked perfect for this. I am super excited about it because I can punch holes in everything so I can crochet through it.

Aren't they awesome. I love tools!

Here is what I decided to do to the pants rather than throw them away or make recycled denim yarn.

Ok, its not fab looking but its a whole lot better than thread and my son tucks nothing in so this worked out perfect. Keep in mind this was the experimental pair so if they are a little wonky so be it. It did extend the life of the jeans, and he is happily wearing them. 

Its strong and will last a while. 

I did this without asking him. He just thought I'd just thought I'd keep them for another project. Ha! He knows I wont throw them away. 

Here is the process....

I just kept going round and round until it closed itself. 

All in all I consider this a success!

I want to thank all of you for visiting with me today.

My rambling brain had to get this blog post out or I was going to go crazy.

I appreciate you taking time out of your day.