Saturday, May 23, 2015

Crochet Beach Shorts, Easy & Quick Pattern

Good Morning.

It's chilly here in WV, and its early.

I have a quick project for you today.

This is the cone of sugar and cream for my shorts. Its white with blue, green and yellow.

Here is the link...

The pattern is super simple. These shorts should only take one day.

This is the start of the waistband. I chained 100 instead of 75.

The 75 makes a pair of shorts, my 100 made them fit around the waist.

I used a small hook because I didn't want you to be able to see though the dc.

this is how they have turned out, not quite finished.

Here they are finished. I added a few rows to the waist so the wouldnt be crack shorts, and I added a few rows and the legs. That way this tall girl actually could wear them.

Finished product. I took a chain and wove it thought the waistband to hold them up.

See, they don't look bad on. I think once I make the matching tank I will have a great lounge around the house pj set.

These shorts are made with dc, and I used a smaller hook so the dc holes would not be so big. 

Hanging on the line.

Ok, honest. These shorts took a day. Once you make your chain, join in round. Then once you get so far along the waist, you will chain 12 (I used 20) and this makes the crotch part of the legs. You do this twice.

For a person who has not made anything wearable on the bottom these turned out great. The pattern is for a 29 waist but I chained 100, good thing I did or they would have been too small. I also crocheted 20 instead of 12 at the crotch, to make it wider.

I am still connected to the yarn here but they shorts fit!

Go ahead and check of Shades of Lilly's youtube video. It could not makes these shorts any easier. I think they were made for a small girl, because the pattern is so small. Good thing is, they can be adjusted to fit you.

I really love the way they turned out. They are nothing fancy, and I plan to wear them to bed.

I am more than happy, they turned out!

If you would like to make a pair look at the video.

If you make these please show me.

They are basically a regular cotton shorts,

They can be made in acrylic too.

Now to make the tank top.....

Have a great day!