Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY African Flower Pillow Squared!

Hello again!

I am back to share a project with you today.

I have a love affair with crochet pillows and african flowers. Something about the african flower that I love. I want to make everything in it. This is the first time I have attempted the flower, so you never know how it is going to go. 

First off I got the pattern from a Moogly round-up for african flowers.

You can find that round-up HERE

The actual pattern is from a blog called Made In K-Town.

I loved this pattern because it is square, just what I style I needed.

Ok, let's get started.

This photo is my yarn colors and an old pillow I found. It has red paint on it and the stuffing is all bunched up. Perfect for re-purposing. 

I am using With Love, Red Heart yarn. 5 balls.

Just a simple cut in half.

You can see in the picture below the red paint. Other than that the pillow was white. I have no clue what happened to it. Oh wow, I just realized how gross that pillow looks. This was taken once I took it apart. All I done was take my scissors and cut up the middle of the pillow. Then I took out the layers of stuffing.  

You can tell more by this picture below how I cut it in half and put the stuffing back inside.

I got out my needle and thread and proceeded to whip stitch around the seam I pinned together with stick pins. It's not straight, nor is it perfect but it made a little rectangle just perfect for a throw pillow.

You can see how I just hand sewed it together. It took about 10 minutes. It takes my blind self longer to thread the needle. Thank goodness for threaders!

There. There is my little pillow. Yep, thats the paint you see on the end. I figure I am going to cover it with crochet. IF it does show though I will make a slip cover for the pillow itself and tack it shut too.

Now for the fun stuff....

Back to Made In K Town gorgeous pattern!

My African Flower Square

Isn't it so pretty. I notice in the picture I am lacking the last row of DC. It just finishes off the square look of it.

Here is some progress. I have not had to tear out any yarn as of yet. This is a simple pattern but it looks lovely. Just the kind I like!

It starts with a magic circle.

This is after a few rounds. In the pattern the author suggests using the same color of yarn for 2 rows. That is where you see the "petals". 

I think the flower is really pretty just like it is above. If I thought I could get them even on the pillow I would not have had to make them square. I better stay with what is easiest for me. 

Remember, I have not been crocheting a year yet!

This is the finished square. I used an F hook. By what I can tell, it looks like it is going to take about 8 or 10 African Flower Squares to cover the little pillow. I have no clue what I am going to do with the back of the pillow. I have not thought that far ahead.

So, do you like the finished square?

I am working in deep teal, wine, purple, violet, and a cornflower blue. I think it is going to look amazing when I am done. One never knows though. My projects never turn out how I envision them at the beginning. 

On to another African Flower, this time a different color scheme. 

They just look so feminine and flirty. I love the ruffled petals of the flower. 

This is real close to my favorite project yet. Please, if you use this pattern link back to the original Made In K Town. Thank You. The author deserves all the praise for a great, easy pattern.

Give me a little time....

and once I get a few more squares made I will be back with the actual crochet on the pillow and how I attempted it. 

I will attempt some sort of assembly.

Hey! I am making it work so far!

Leave me a comment if you have made African Flower Squares for a project or if you think I am nuts cutting up the pillows!

Have a good evening.

I plan to sit back, crochet and watch the sun set. 

Till next time....

Happy Hookin!

for stopping by!