Sunday, May 3, 2015

#azurenaturals ~ Ultimate Peptide Eye Brightening Gel

 Good Morning wherever you are. Here in West Virginia the sun is shining and the birds are singing outside my window. Thankful for another day. I love spring mornings. 

I am still taking it easy. As of right now, I am still on my medication. This morning my leg is giving me fits. I over did it yesterday. My oldest son, Hunter moved downstairs and I helped him down there yesterday and I am paying for it today. He comes before ANYTHING else.



Why I am here....

I have a review for you today. 

It is from Azure Naturals.

It's an Eye Brightening Gel. 
I am loving it. 

on Amazon.

Azure Naturals Ultimate Peptide Eye Brightening Gel.
Professional Strength

It comes out in this creamy, cloudy gel. It is thick and luxurious. It has a very light scent and it feels so good going on.

See how cloudy and creamy it looks. It's the same on your eyes. I just dab it on with my fingertips lightly and it rubs right in. No waiting, and it is NOT greasy at all. 

I love the way it feels. It makes the skin around my eyes soft, and I can feel it working. I am really liking this gel. I have been using it about a week and a half faithfully now and I am thinking about a bottle for my mom. I like it that much.

Here is the information from Amazon.

CUCUMBER infused ULTIMATE PEPTIDE EYE BRIGHTENING Gel with Matrixyl 3000 + Plant Stem Cells + Hyaluronic Acid, Our Best Eye Cream Will Help Eliminate Dark Circles, Reduce Puffiness, Inflammation, and Under Eye Bags and Other Signs of Premature Aging, Huge 1 OZ Size, Try Risk Free Today, One Year Unlimited Money Back Guarantee!

Price:$18.55 FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details
Only 1 left in stock.
Sold by LTRHOLDINGS and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
    • ULTIMATE PEPTIDE WORKS! This formula speaks to the deep and grounded evolution that Natural Skin Care Formulating has gone through in the last three decades in order to be able to deliver such a brilliant eye therapy product to you today. It is no exaggeration to say that this formula addresses every single eye area concern possible. Dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, puffing, loss of plump and firm, loss of tone and's all taken care of in this delicate and light gel.
    • HOW DOES IT WORK? Cellular renewal happens continuously when we're young, but as we age the skin's ability to renew itself slows down. Our ULTIMATE PEPTIDE Eye Brightening "Gel" helps restore your skin back to its natural youthfulness and reverse the signs of aging. Our Eye Gel will diminish dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, crow's feet, fine lines, and sagginess so for firmer more youthful skin around the eyes and all over the face.
    • HOW DO YOU RECEIVE OPTIMAL RESULTS? For optimal results use twice daily. Our ULTIMATE EYE GEL can also be used as an overall face treatment. Gently apply a small amount to your cheeks and forehead in order to moisturize your skin, restore radiant skin texture and prevent premature aging. Just like exercise, it is very important to use your skin care products consistently.
    • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! Made in the USA With The Highest Quality Natural and Organic Ingredients Available: 97% Natural, 72% Organic. Contains No Alcohol, No Parabens, Plant Based, No GMO's, Cruelty Free and Never Tested On Animals!
    • ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that we have created the best Natural and Organic skin care products available we back all of our products by a 365-day, 100% Hassle-Free, Money Back Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love any of our products we will give you a full refund, including shipping!

     I am all for companies that offer a money back guarantee. Some people never use it, and ditch the product but I want the company to know how I feel about what my money is spent on and how important it is to back up what you say. 

    If I don't care for it, I will return it but sometimes I give things to my mom and she uses them.  It is hard to use everything in such a limited time. I like to give my readers at least 3 weeks before I review. I feel like it is more honest that way. Sometimes companies push for the review right off, but that does not give me a chance to experience what the product has to offer.

    You will get an HONEST review here. 
    I care what I spend my money on as I sure you do too. 

    Azure Naturals Ultimate Peptide Eye Brightening Gel is organic and natural. 

    Here are some of the ingredients...

    Organic Herbal Infusion
    Organic Aloe (I can tell there is aloe in it)
    Matrixyl 300
    Plant Stem Cells
    Cucumber (I can tell this too)
    Hyaluronic Acid


    I use this every morning and night. It has come part of my bedtime/wake-up routine. If I miss an application I can tell. I have gotten used to the coolness the gel supplies. 

    I keep mine in the fridge :-)

    That way when I apply it, it feels cool going on. Just what my tired eyes needed. 
    The directions did not tell me to keep it cold. I just figured if a woman could use ice cubes or tea bags this would work as well. It Did!

     Here is how to apply per the label on the bottle...

    Dispense a small amount of gel and apply gently around the eye area. Use morning , night or anytime your eyes need a lift. A pick me up! It can also be used under makeup and as an all over face treatment. 

    AZURE NATURALS – Discover Nature’s Brilliance! ABOUT US:  Azure Naturals provides high quality facial skincare and anti-aging products using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. We are committed to delivering the finest skin care system and making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the results. Our customers are looking for better health and better skin and the solutions that we develop will always be designed around these elements. We appreciate those who are taking the journey with us to return to your youth.

    You can find #azurenaturals on all the links above. 

    Here is a little bit about the companies philosophy....

    What sets us apart?
    At Azure Naturals, we believe in the power of nature. We don't use synthetic ingredients-- our formulations only include natures brilliance. We understand that healthy skin and a healthy environment go hand in hand, so you wont find petroleum or alcohol in our products. In Azure Naturals, you will only find the finest organic ingredients the earth has to offer.

    With Azure Naturals you can discover the difference nature makes on your skin and the environment.

    Did you know?
    Azure Naturals has your health and the health of the environment in mind. You will only find sustainably harvested herbs and plant material in our products. Azure Naturals are made  of all organic ingredients, and that means you lessen the toxic burden on your body and your planet.

    In my personal opinion this is the best eye gel I have sampled. To be honest I have 2 on my dresser that I do not use. I like the #azurenatural product line. 

    I think this could work for your tired eyes. 

    It really does pep them up, and the cooling sensation on your eyes is nice as well. I think it's a good buy for the money. I don't splurge on beauty products, my budget does not allow for it but when I do find something good, I come here to share it with all of you.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is do your research. Just don't read a review or 2. If buying this product is that important take the time to teach yourself why it is working for you. I bet you will be a returning customer. I will be.

    The eye brightening gel is in a 1 fl oz. pump bottle, and this is going to last several months because you just need a dab. 

    The picture above it almost a full pump. 
    I wanted you to see the gel itself.

    This is it for me today for the reviews. 

    I hope this review helped you make an informed decision on what kind of product you are buying. 


    As I stated, I was ONLY compensated with the product to try and review.

    I am glad I did! 

    Click on the links above and go say "Hello" to AZURE NATURALS #azurenaturals.

    On their website you can get toners, vitamin, retinol, cleansers, corrective serums, moisturizers, essential oils, and gift sets. 

    The gift sets are really nice, and would be a perfect gift.

    Go check them out HERE, they are Certified Organic

    Thanks for being here today!