Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally finished up my WIP'S!

I am glad you are here!

I have been trying really hard this week to keep up with the blog. I have been crocheting every free second of the day to get these WIP'S done. 

I am happy to say all the bags have straps now, and I am currently working on a past CAL blanket in squares. 

In my previous blog writing you can go back and see the previous square and see what is coming next.

Here are both of my SC squares, one in a bright green and the other in cream and brown. 

One in a solid color and one in 2 colors. I am using the pattern to use my stash yarn. I don't have much stash yarn since I have only been crocheting about a year and a half now and I don't have all kinds of yarn but I am working on it. I need to use up the bits I have so this blanket was the perfect idea.

Here are my 2 squares.

Now I get to move on to the next 2 squares. 

They are basket weave and they are so pretty. I am glad to have these 2 SC squares finished. They take forever and use a bunch of yarn. 

I am happy to move on....

Every month I get a couple 3 bags samples of yarn from the Yarn of the Month Club. 

They send samples and its enough yarn to knit a 5X5 square. I don't knit often, no one would want what I knit, lol. I crochet so the yarn runs out and I have to chose another color. This is ok but I want the stripes on the colored square to match so now I have to be careful and COUNT. I am not the best in counting. I usually don't do it and you can tell. This time I am trying to do my best and count the rows to the colors will be even.

Here is a picture of how the Yarn of the Month Club sends their yarn.

They come in these little bags with the information, stitch count and name on them. Its nice to get them every month and they surprise me with all kinds of all different yarns. This month I even got Raffia. I don't know what I am going to do with it because its just a small amount but I am sure I will use it somewhere.

I had another project that was unfinished and I started to FROG it but I decided to make a loop handle on the side and make it a make-up bag or a bigger clutch. I am not sure how to close it. I have a sewing machine that I can't figure out how to thread. I could put a zipper in but they are such a PITA for me. So the bag sits on my dresser staring at me saying "I need to be finished!" Sadly I can't figure out what to do with it.

It will come to me. I am sure of this. So as of now I only have one unfinished WIP, and the blanket CAL squares. 

I have made progress.

Here is a picture of the grey bag. It has a curvy figure :-) That's my fault for not counting. :-)

Once again I used the Yarn samples from the club. You can tell by the stripes in the bag.

It kinda looks like an hourglass. LOL

That's my post for today.

School is back on track with a 2 hour delay, the sun is shining and my friend is coming to visit on her lunch break today. Maybe she can help me put the colors together for the multi square. I also have a Dr. appointment today so wish me good luck and good news!

Our snow is still deep and the roads are still kinda nasty but at least it's not a white out.

I am thankful I am here to enjoy this winter.

At the beginning of June we didn't know if I would make it this long. We had just received the cancer diagnosis and were scared to death.

I am doing fine so far. GOD IS GOOD AND PRAYER WORKS!

Thanks to all my readers, friends and family's prayers.

Come back and hang out with me on the next post.

Coming Soon!