Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year Masa Bag

Hello! I know I have been MIA but I have been in the hospital. I had an infection and it stopped my chemo for about 2 weeks. At least I have a break. Although I had an infection that I can't ward off, I was scared that I couldn't get rid of it but with some IV antibiotics and some to take home I am on the mend.  I was in hospital for a week. I got home yesterday and could not wait to get something on my hook.

Here is an image of a Masa Bag....

So I chose another Masa Bag. My first one turned out great. This one I am making in chunky yarn in 2 colors.

I want to show you my progress so far and give you the links in case you want to make your own. These are my favorite bags.

Here are the links to the patterns and folding instructions I used. The folding can get confusing so I gave you the one that was easiest for me.

Here is my progress....

I used Navy and a Teal chunky yarn.

This is a close up of my colors. 

You can basically use any stitch as long as the length is 3X's the width.

I chained to 48 cm, your rectangle should be 20 wide by 53 long. If the rectangle is right then the folding should not be a problem. If it is not right you will know because it will not line up.

A quick tip....

Once you fold use a darning needle or stitch markers to hold your folds together.

I think this is going to be the best one yet. The colors are gorgeous and will go great with jeans.

I chained foundation row to 48 cm, then I DC 2 rows, then I HDC in the Navy with a SC for the second row in navy. Then I started the DC again in the teal. It gave it a nice striped effect. I will know more once I have more rows to fold with.

Here is the black one I made months ago. I added buttons where the handles attach, and a button to make a closure.

I used a black tweed chunky yarn and it turned out great. I carry it all the time, and it's just big enough for all my stuff. It looks fuzzy in the picture but it's not. It's the sun making a shadow on the bag. The two buttons in the last pic are where the handles attach.

That's what's on my hook today, what's on yours?