Monday, January 25, 2016

Finishing up all my Wip's~Boho Tassel Crochet Bag

Good Afternoon!

I found these cute wallpapers. I got them from Lalylala Wallpapers.

There is one for every month. I want to order the basic Lalylala so I can make my niece one. Once you get the Lalylala doll you can get the mods and minis for free. There are over 100 of them so there are a lot to chose from.

I want to share with you a WIP that I forgot about and found yesterday. I finished all but the strap. It just needs to be attached.

Here is the Boho Tassel Crochet Bag pattern from Persia Lou .

This is the bag without the strap. It was a super easy pattern. You just make a doily, and seam it together. I used a cotton yarn, sugar and cream from Walmart. 

This is the bag with the strap. The regular pattern calls for a leather strap that is on a purse but I just HDC a regular strap. It turned out so cute. I need to get a white pillow case and make a liner because I went a hook size up and the holes in the bag are a little big. I don't think that things will fall out, but I believe it needs lined. The pattern gives you the liner pattern too. 

I am super happy with the way it turned out and these would sell great I think. In different colors this will make a cute spring bag. 

One more thing to show you. You know I have been working on my Masa Bag.

Here is the finished product all but the buttons on the sides and the closure. I need to find the perfect buttons and I haven't dug in my button stash to see if I have them. 

These are so easy. Once you get the folding down they just take a couple hours in a chunky yarn. They also work in a regular worsted weight yarn as well.

I just made the strap in the stripe to match.

It turned out well.

Its still a snowy mess here, and the schools are closed but the sun is shining and its not as cold out so today's a beautiful day.

What's on your hook?

Keep crocheting!