Saturday, October 31, 2015

Presents and WIP'S!

I have started to notice our nights getting chillier and the winds getting stronger. I have sadly put the summer clothes away. 

What I want to show you today is a Christmas gift set. I decided not to make a hat and use an ear warmer instead. I still think the whole set could use a set of boot cuffs when I find a pair that match the stitch I used.

Here is the link I used for the mitts...

Here is the link I used for the ear warmer...

Here is the Christmas gift I made for my sister. I am super proud of them. The gloves got tore out a few time, the buttons ended up on the wrong side of the glove and had to be taken off. Pretty much if I have to make 2 of something one never is the same. This happens to me all the time. I guess its because I am fairly new to crocheting.

Here are the mitts I made out of RH Boutique.

This was my first attempt at the glove and it turned out great. I just happen to have the matching buttons because this is my fave color of yarn.
They are just sc and dc. With a few button loops and picots thrown in. I am a novice and I had no trouble.

This is the ear warmer. Sorry the pic isnt clearer, it was laying on a piece of red tissue paper. It turned out great. FPDC and BPDC gave this real texture and I added my buttons just like hers. Its only an 6-8 round pattern, an evening show is all it takes.

Here are the matching mitts. I loved this pattern. So simple. The buttons just make the look and the picots make the hands look feminine.

All 3 finally done!

I am very proud of this set and that I got another Christmas present out of the way.

I really do think a pair of boot cuffs will even out the set.

I would love to make a set for myself. I have been concentrating on my bald head but I cant make hats so I was hoping a few readers had a few lurking around to donate. The chemo center gets cold 8 hrs at a time and our WV weather is HELL for months. This head is gonna be cold and I have no clue how to make a hat, oh, I have tried but failed miserably.

One more quick project to show you. Its a WIP.

This pattern and picture is from Jocelyn Sass' site. You can find this cute garland snowman at SNOWMAN GARLAND~DOOR HANGER

That is whats its supposed to look like but she has a piece of plastic canvas between her 2 parts of snowman and a am not going that far. I have one pannel and a nose. :-)

Here's mine...

So far, I am loving it. I can see the little arms sticks.

Well thats whats on my hook? 

Ill be back next time with a few more finished projects.

Oh yeah, one more thing...

My first attempt at an angel for my little tree. So simple and sweet.

I found a great site where there are a few really cute things...

Have a great Halloween and come back and visit again. I love to share.