Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Crochet Pumpkins and a sneak peak at a X-Mas gift!

Good Afternoon!

I know I haven't updated a lot here lately but I have so much running to do since I got sick that I never have time to post what I have finished or what's even on my hook!

You notice the writing is orange. Well, the leaves are changing here in West Virginia and fall is my favorite season so orange writing it is!

I need some happy and calm in my life at the moment and sitting on my back porch with a cup of tea, watching the leaves blow and feeling the cool fall breeze on my harsh chemo head makes for a special day. Any day I can enjoy the outside is a blessing for me.

I have had some serious issues with the cancer lately. I got an abscess tooth and although I knew and had planned to have them pulled my Dr jumped right in and said no more chemo until the teeth come out. So I decided to have them pulled. All of them. All 17. Thank goodness they put me to sleep. So as I write I have a mouth full of stitches but I am not hurting and maybe this will move us on down with the chemo appointments. As of now I am a month behind. Good news though. The tumor has moved. I can tell because its in my rib cage. Hopefully this means that its getting smaller. God only knows, and I pray about it and I have so many people praying for me that that should count, shouldn't it? 

Ok back to what we are hear for.

I wanted to crochet something seasonal that I can keep or my kids will be able to keep. My mom still has things she made when we were kids and I am 42 and I love seeing them.

I got on Pinterest (which I love) and found a great little pattern for these pumpkins.

Here is the link for them, and this is a great blog as well.

Her pumpkins are gorgeous the way she embellished them, and she used shabby chic colors as well. Pumpkins can be any color and hers are lovely. Plus its an easy pattern. I made one every evening just piddling around and I really enjoyed making them. The pattern is clear and easy to follow.

Here are the ones I made...

The gourds my partner Bub found growing beside the road in front of our sidewalk where we park. Must have been in the air or in some trash or something. A VERY strange place to find gourds and yesterday I noticed squash blossoms. I plan to go out and pick them so I can use them in our dinner soon.

I made them from my Cleckheaton yarn and it worked out great. These were so easy. Single crochet in the round. Once to right height, stuff, close up and make your little stem. I glued mine on. The yarn pulled around the pumpkin was super simple too.

She explains everything so well on her blog.
Go check it out, there are 3 sizes to chose from but you could keep going and make a big one!

This is what the backs of them look like. The little brown and orange one I stuffed with shredded paper that you put in gift bags. It worked out fine. You can stuff with basically anything. Just make sure you leave a hole big enough to stuff, and when you pull your yarn around to make the little indention's don't pull so tight you snap your yarn, and its best not to use a plastic darning needle. You really need something a little more sturdy to get through the pumpkins all the way.

So that's my addition to my Thanksgiving decorations this year. I think they are adorable, and I may make a few more and embellish them and put them in a horn-of-plenty with foliage and little gourds. So many ideas for these little cuties!

Now for the sneak peak at a Christmas gift for a family member. 

Here is the soon as you see the words you KNOW they are going to be cute as heck and an easy pattern to follow. 

Please excuse the nasty arm, my chemo has made me look like a pin cushion and you can see where the pic line made a scar. What we go though....:-(

This is the start of the mitts. The are super easy, made in rows until the thumb hole.

Here is one mitt finished. The buttons made the cutest touch. I just happened to have buttons in various shades to match the Red Heart Boutique. Its thin and soft and made a perfect fit.

Now, I just have to make another exactly like this one. HA! Mine never turn out exactly the same when I have to make 2's of something. We shall see how this works out.

Rounding out the gift I plan to make a wide ear warmer in the same yarn with the same buttons. Should be cute, make a perfect gift and I know it will be worn and appreciated.

So that's my update this time. I try to get on as much as possible.

I have something else on my hook but its a WIP and I will save it for next time.

I am keeping good spirit's and crochet and the blog helps. I love having people come here and share.

If you pray say a prayer for my health.
I need all I can get, prayer works!!

Have a great rest of the day!