Saturday, October 31, 2015

Did your granny have one when you were little? QUICK & EASY!

Good morning my internet friends. I hate to admit it but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think after I get this post done its back to bed for me.

Where did fall go?

I was searching the web yesterday and seen this Christmas Pattern. I reminds me of Christmas at my Gran's house. She had one made, it was a little worse for wear. She filled it up with candy canes.

Here is the link to the Chistmas Bootie...

As soon as I seen it I knew it had to be made in the hopes of my children keeping it and passing it on.

Here are a few pictures of mine in progress...

13 one round white granny squares...

13 granny's with the red attached and you can see the green 3rd round to finish them out. They took a morning.

Here is the little bootie I made out of my 13 granny squares. The pattern page has a great diagram if you need that to put it together.

This pattern calls for a can inserted inside so it can stand up to maintain it's shape. Here I used a small hot chocolate can that fit perfect. This will hold the candy canes I am going put in it well.

If you would prefer to make a smaller bootie you can use a smaller cream of mushroom can or make more granny's and use a big coffee can. You pick :-)

Here it is once it is inserted. You just put it in, pull the sides up around and you can see the inside can. 

I just now noticed that I forgot the edging. I will have  to do that before I put it up until Christmas...

I actually made this bootie in a day. May of took me half a day. I used about 1/3 of each color. It took no yarn and it was easy to stitch together.

So there is another Christmas keepsake that I made.

I think the cancer makes me want to make ornaments and things that my family can keep if something would happen to me. You never know, I have several of my moms things that I remember from my childhood and I hope my kids do the same.

Now on to something pretty cool I signed up for and got in the mail...

Yup, your eyes aren't playing tricks. They are crocheted boobs. Made by volunteers, much better, cooler and lighter than the silicone pads you can wear. I got these because I had surgery on both breasts and after they done the biopsy's the breast tissue never filled in and I use these to give me a round figure. They do work and they feel great! They even let you chose a color and they send you extra stuff for filling. 

They are called Awesome Breastforms and you can find them at this link: Awesome Breastforms (free for cancer patients) from Jessie at Home.

I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me today and seeing what was on my hook. I have a few WIP'S in progress but that's for another post.