Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Garland, its "ALMOST" Christmas ;-)

I am glad you are here. This is my little world of crochet. The reviews are few and far between (except for my regular couple) these days because of my cancer. I just cant try out all those products, and find time to blog about it because I don't feel well a lot of times BUT I feel good today so I decided to share something with you that I whipped up yesterday for a friend.

Yes, I know its Christmas crochet but it will be here before we know it and I made a past post about the gorgeous little pumpkins I made from The Slanted Life. They turned out adorable and I would love to have a horn-of-plenty full of them.

OK, I am a year into crochet. I like to do things that I can finish in a day or 2. My illness or my personality has everything to do with that. I just cant handle too many WIP'S. Sometimes my crochet is a little funky but I have several things I am very proud of so I just roll with it and hope if your not inspired by my work the idea plants in your head to make your own STAR GARLAND. You have to have a Ravelry account but if you crochet I am sure you do, and if you don't? GO SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!

I wanted to make something festive for my girlfriend because she has been so good to me through my bad days. She walks across town to spend her day here if my house needs attention, or just because.

Here is my Star garland. 

I love grannys. I cant help myself. I love the "kitch" of them. So I went on a Pinterest hunt (ya'll know how I love Pinterest) and every garland I seen was a paid pattern. This was one of the free ones off Ravelry and its just my style. 

Here is my little 3 round wonky star. I could have taken a picture of one of the best ones but I snapped this one so this is it. :-)

Just regular old granny stars.

The "rope" that the stars are hanging on was done by finger crochet. I wanted the rope to be big enough to hold up to the heavy look of the stars. I added the tassels on the end. 

I think its ready to be hung anywhere. 
It turned out really cute and I am halfway on my way to making one of my own with a twist or two.

So that's my contribution to the blog today.

I have a couple WIP'S in the works to show all of you, I am in the Christmas spirit so don't be surprised at what you see!

Thanks for being here today. 

I appreciate it.