Friday, June 20, 2014

Hasbro Game Night from House Party

Look what I got in the mail today.  

All of this came from a site called House Party. You sign up to try products. It can be anything! I have been a member for about 5 years and I get into a party about every 3 months. I just got done having a book party, and another game partyand a party for Benefiber. See, I told you it can be anything!  My kids love it, and we always lookforward to see what free samples and stuff House Party & the Sponser (this time its Hasbro) put together to have the best party possible. 

This box came UPS. House Party always sends notice and a tracking number when shipped. I have never not gotten a shipment. This box came with a Simon Swipe game. Now, I remember Simon from my childhood and it was hard then so this one must be tough too. Ever notice how hard it can be for us adults and the kids get a hold of it and bam, they have figured out in seconds what took you a couple minutes. Not only do you follow the colors, this time you have to swipe, tap and change direction.

This Decades Electronic Catch Phrase game was in there too. I was more excited about this one. I am good at trivia and love playing it with my kids. I love that the generation gap shouldnt matter. Its Decades, after all. ;-)

Last game in the box was a Bop It Beats. This I have no clue how to work, play or hold. Its strange looking. My kids knew what it was though. They immediately wanted to play. I had to be the bad guy and say we had to wait for the party. I had them read all the directions so we will know how to play and explain it when the time comes.

The last couple things in the box was a box of 12 Quaker Granola Bars in Chocolate Chip, a 6 pack of AAA Duracell batteries. These games take AA & AAA's. You know I am going to spend a fortune in batteries. 

You can go to the House Party site and sign up. Its easy. They also have a Chatterbox program on the same site thats the same idea as House Party but its just samples and fewer items. You have to sign up for House Party first then you can sign up for Chatterbox. Its basically for you to test and tell about.

So freebie sites and the ones I have listed before and now actually work. I am planning on using this blog to review all my parties, campaigns, freebies, and books. If you want to put the time and effort into it, it can be worth it. I spend a lot of time on computer but I would be on here anyway. Instead of you tube, or google, I just give good reviews and try to throw the best parties.

Its a good day when your mailbox is full and the post lady is mad.
Have a blessed day