Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunshine Visits...

Hello everyone! I feel like writing so here I am. Its a beautiful day here in West Virginia. I finally got dressed and walked to the post office. I had several Listia packages and Ebay packages to mail out. Every time I swear I will not list so many items so I wont have so much paperwork to do. When you deal with the public it's an aggravation. As soon as an auction ends I get emails from people who want to know when their item will be there. I have 7 days per listia rules. People are rude and expect the post office to perform miracles. I mailed out 20 nail stickers today. That's 20 envelopes, and more to come tomorrow. I love the 2 sites for different reasons. I use my ebay money for mad money. My listia is credits and like a swap meet. I love both. 

This is my son Shane and he turned 9 today. Wow. 9. Happy Birthday Baby! Mommy loves you, and we will celebrate at Easter.  He lives away from me and at times like this I miss him something terrible. He is the light in my day. Such a cutie, and I miss him. A LOT.

I went out to see my best friend today. I had a nice visit at her house. Its so nice to feel welcome somewhere. I am just as comfortable there as I am at my own home. Everyone needs a bestie like Kathy. She helps me through everything and I hope she can say the same for me. I love her. I need a friend. She's the BEST. Here is us at her birthday party. I made her a german chocolate cake and got her a nice gift. It was a great party and a great day. Here we are. I am the one in the black, Kathy is beside me. How many candles can you fit on a German Chocolate Bunt cake? Shhh.....55!!!!

Don't we look like we had fun. This is at the end of the night. I'll treasure these forever. Thank You for the friendship, Kathy.

I walked out to see my grandparents today. My grandfather has cancer and has missed a few treatments here lately because of the weather. He is pale, and I had to hold back the tears. He fell feeding the kitty's, he has no taste and is really cranky. My gran is recently diagnosed with a rare form of Glaucoma. It seems like they can never catch a break. I haven't been out much, they only live down street from me, but since Christmas I have been under the weather and he cant have any germs at all because he cant fight them so I have stayed away because a bout with the flu and strep. Now I am better, and have all intentions of spending as much time with them as possible. Spring cleaning will be here soon, and I will have to help. I hate to cry in front of my gran but I do it silently. I guess I think that if its silent tears she wont notice. It just hurts. I love them more than my own parents. It just makes me sad that I am not going to have very many years left with them. Today I have a smile in my heart. I went to visit. :-) This is how I feel often, I get so upset, but I get through it with family, hunny and GOD.

Last night I made nutella cookies. They were the gluten free kind. I had nutella, baking soda, egg and brown sugar. I thought I had a pic. Mixed them up, put a splash of van, and a dash of salt. Baked 7 min at 350. Anyway, they didn't turn out pretty enough to take a pic of.  I would say it was a big fail. They spread out all over the pan, the no flour option is NOT an option for me. I used an All Recipes recipe called Nutella Christmas Cookies because I wanted something sweet and that's what I had in the pantry. Needless to say, if they are still in the jar the next day they are not going to be made again. I should have known better. Gluten free is not for me. I guess it would be if I had to be.

This is how I am going to leave you today.  I am trying a new recipe tonight that I will post the outcome of. They are butter cookies that call for a semi sweet glaze, but I don't like semi sweet so I bought a king size Hershey bar to melt and drizzle on. I will let you know how it goes...

Did I post about my Mrs Myers Party items....?