Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Downward facing dog? YOGA TODAY!!

Good Afternoon! I have been really busy here lately and haven't updated like I should but it has turned out to be a benefit for my family so I hope you understand. I have been pulling out all of my summer clothes. Now, that's a job. Somehow I got everything out of both dressers, and the walk-in dumped in my floor and my bed. There was not one square inch of floor or bed space available for one more item. When I shop I shop for everyone. When I say everyone I know all the sizes of everyone, including my bestie. I buy with the notion that I might be selling it on ebay (which I am not a fan of) or putting it up for credits on Listia. I just cant see letting something go on ebay for .99 cents when it costs me to mail and for the item. So, once I got it all sorted out I have a HUGE bag of donation clothes for our local clothing and food pantry, and another big pile of clothes and accessories for my Listia. I invited my bestie up last night for coffee, smoke and company. When she walked in she about had a heart attack. She could not believe the clothes I had. I actually felt bad. I am not a hoarder, its all organized, in the right spot but I have to admit it was a lot. I made the promise that I would list it today. Its kept me busy for a while now. I just had to take a break so here I am! 

I have also been interested in something so beautiful that it takes my breath away every time I log on. It's the Decorah Eagles.

Here is the site to watch them LIVE!

They are sitting on 3 eggs that are due to hatch in a couple weeks. 

Here is their blog on Blogger:

Watching these Bald Eagles have made me late for yoga twice this week. When I get up I immediately log on and look at their nest. Usually the dad is sitting and mom has taken off. I love to watch when both birds meet up. Its just so comforting, like waiting on the birth of my own babies. Please check it out!

Talking about yoga...
I started a class with my bestie. I don't need to lose weight but I do need to tone up. Bathing suit weather will be here before you know it and the way I bake I need to do something. I figured if it was a class setting I might be more apt to finish the whole program, not like I do on my yoga app here at home. We are going at 3 today, and I am yet to get out of my nightgown. Just been to busy. I wanted to finish this first. So off to yoga I go with my friend Kathy, who is older than I am, and we have the best time. I don't think yoga is for laughing but we get so tickled at each other. We just cant help but laugh when our butts are up in the air and we are looking at each other through our legs. Too much fun. I recommend taking a class with a friend. It gets you motivated and you have plenty of gossip for a major phone call later.

Spring is coming! I have noticed the crocus come up through the grass lately. The first sign of spring and Easter. I love Easter, its almost my favorite holiday. I just love the meaning, and Passover. The whole story of Jesus and the tomb. I will get my Bible out and lay it to the story so people that come into the foyer of my home will see it. We are Christians in my house, and proud to say so.

Have you done your yard work or planted any flowers? We woke up to snow this morning, but its gonna be 50's all week here in WV!
 I need to get out and plant my yard. I am yearning for some color and happiness in my yard, I want to fill my feeders, watch the humming birds and butterflies. 

Well, I have a date to make... 

I hope everyone has a beautiful day and please check out the Decorah Eagles and the RRP Blog.