Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am home, but I am soooo tired. Just a quick update :-)

Good Morning :-)

Finally I am up long enough to update the blog. 

Those of you that follow or have been keeping up with the little tid-bits of my journey.

Here is my story....

In June I noticed that I could not breathe well at all.
I made me a Dr.Apt with the only clinic in town, and with only a PA. The first apt he gave me all new med's for bronchitis. I took all those med's, nothing worked.

He took a couple X-Rays and actually told me that my lungs were to long for the x-ray so they took a few more. (my lungs are too long? lol) Now its July. A month later.

My left lung is filled with fluid, the right side about half.

He immediately sent me to our nearest hospital, and once my tests came back they just blurted out,"you have Lymphoma". My mom and I were sitting in the ER room an you could have knocked us both off our chair. Not the best bedside manner when you think you have a chest cold or pneumonia.

So, once I got a tentative diagnosis, they put me in the ambulance and whisked me off to Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC). I went through a multitude of tests, and ended up with a Stage 3 Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Tomorrow I go back to Charleston to the new cancer for the first time. I am so tired of traveling because this mass is right in the way of getting any kind of relief.

I was on the cancer floor for 2 weeks. I just got home on Saturday. I am just not doing well.

I am so tired, there are so many things to do here but I cant move.

The Lymphoma has wrapped itself around my heart and lung and is squeezing my air off. If I would have waited I may not of had any air to breathe at all.

The Lymphoma isn't the only part, I have several "spots" on my kidneys, and I have a spot on my brain. Scary.

The good thing is my Oncologist says that this is very treatable, about 80%. I am supposed to be drinking lots of water to make the mass move, it can be peeded out. So, I cant lay down or get comfy because it feels like I have a foot behind my rib cage and I am holding back Niagara Falls. Its going on 3 weeks with no sleep.

I have a mess of medicine, lots of instructions and have no clue. Babe in the woods.

I don't know if I could handle it if it were not for my partner and my mom. She has really went above and beyond to help me.

I have decided to hire me a housekeeper one day a week, just to catch up because I just cant do it.

No crochet lately, but I am working on a gorgeous wrap (it cold at the cancer center) in Boutique Unforgettable in Berry.

My concentration is not the best so its slow going.

Plans for today? Another trip to Summersville for my white blood cell count and shot.

So, that is my update. 6 rounds of Chemo every 21 days. Say a prayer.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here. The blog wont be up and running to much, I still feel to out of sorts to make sense of it all.

Pretty much, my life just went sideways but I am going to continue with the positive outlook no matter how much I hurt.

I would love to hear you, leave me a message, I am slow but I will get to you. If you can cheer me up I am all for it! 

Thanks for supporting me.

I will update when I can or if I news.

Hopefully I will have a gorgeous wrap to share soon.

Have a great day!