Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yarn of the Month ~June

It's that time again. Last month I said I was not thrilled with my yarn club. It's called Yarn Of The Month Club.

You can find it HERE.

The basis of the club is they send 3-4 samples of yarn. 

Here is what they have to say....

Here’s how it works ... Every month we deliver two to four generous samples of the newest and most interesting yarns available for the season.  With enough to knit a traditional 5" x 5" blanket square or swatch you can experiment, design, and play with a variety of weights and fibers without investing in a whole skein, all the while working toward a gorgeous knitted blanket (or two or three).

We have done lots of research and groundwork to make sure you get a great selection – from tried-and-true mills like Rowan and Debbie Bliss to small and fabulous boutique yarn makers.  We are certain you will have a hard time choosing your favorite! 

 If you look at their site they have the yarn for May shown. Those are the 3 samples of yarn I got. 

The club cost almost $10.

Most of the yarn I have received has at least 150-225 yards.

I sent in my cancel form but I got the yarn again this month. Grrr....I had trouble starting the club because I waited so long for it to come. I waited almost a month for the May colors. These came about a week ago. So they mail at the beginning of the month.

It is nice to get yarn in the mail as a surprise, I just wish it was more yarn than thread.

The samples for May had the color blue in common.

This month the colors are rust, yellow, and a peach variegated.

Here is the first sample....

The label on the bag says Creative Linen.
5.25 sts/inch on US 7
50% Linen 50% Cotton
219 yds color:643

This yarn is the most like yarn in the group. It's a rust color. Really pretty. It works up nice and I love that it's Linen and Cotton. It has a nice drape. 
I really liked this one.

On to the next sample....

 The second bag says Audra.
5.25 sts/inch on US 4
76% Linen 12% Silk 12% Viscose
205 yds color:04

This yarn is more like crochet thread. It's a really pretty variegated peach and cream. Its so thin that it was hard for me to work with, but its really pretty. Just very thin.

I liked this sample too.

The last sample...

This sample is Linus.
5 sts/inch on US 8
50% Acrylic 20%Linen 18% Nylon 12% Rayon
159 yds color: 6812

This is the sample I am not crazy about. I do not like the color, nor the type of yarn it is. This yarn is wide. It looks like something you would hem with in sewing. 

I tried to make a swatch with it but it does not show the stitches and it looks ratty even when the stitches are perfect. 

I don't know what I would use this yarn for...if any of you have a suggestion I would listen, gladly.

So that's my Yarn Of The Month Club for June.

I am going to keep the subscription since they didn't stop the shipments.

This little yarn stash would be perfect for crochet earrings and jewelry.

I guess I could make the 5X5 square and start me a blanket with all the different kinds of yarn that I get. 

I just don't know.  I keep thinking something great is going to come. 

It hasn't yet.

Thanks for the visit!

Leave me a comment if you would like. I would like to know if you signed up or belong to this club, if so, how do you feel about the yarn samples.
I love to hear from you.