Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whats On My Hook, Issuu and a Winner!

Good Afternoon, my friends!

I think spring has finally come. Our weather report here in WV is calling for a little snow, but we always have an Easter snow here. I am so ready for spring.

I have been looking for summer crochet patterns. I am so ready to leave cowls, mitts and hats alone. 

I am bored with it!

I did find a great site for crochet magazines. Its called Issuu and you can follow people who have uploaded crochet magazines and collect them yourself. Its a sharing website and I love it. Check it out for yourself. Its better than having to pay a fortune for magazines. You can save them, and its read like any other magazine online. You can even see all the patterns in the magazines. 

Back to why I am here :-)

I did pick a winner for the crochet hook case. The winner has 24 hrs to reply and if she does not, then I will contact the next person in line. I wish more of you would have entered. No one needs a new crochet hook case?
Bummer. One is never enough!

Anyway, congratulations to my winner and new follower!

I am waiting anxiously for your mailing address. I think you will happy with your gift :-)

Last post I teased you with "whats on my hook".

I am going to show you the bag I made in just a day.

I just realized that it looks like an Easter Egg. How fitting for a spring post with Easter just around the corner.

Its just a regular market bag. 

Any pattern from the web will work.

I used stash yarn. I am not into pink and green but it turned out way cuter than I expected.

It has tons of room and the strap is just the right length. It was just made in the round for the bottom and DC in the spaces. It was super simple and took no time at all. 

I plan to whip out several in cotton and solid colors. This was the tester bag for me. I always make one first, just too see if my crochet is up to par.

Here is my bag...

This is the first time I have crocheted something in the round and it actually turned out ROUND!!!
That's 99 stitches :-)

The green is actually a really pretty med green. Its complimentary to the pink and the colors in the stripe.

This was my first attempt at a market bag.

I think it was successful!
What do you think?

Leave me a comment!

Ok, here is my WIP. (work in progress)

Its just a regular granny solid square and a regular pattern for the bag. More like a hobo bag, this time.

I am calling it my #CallieBag because the person who is purchasing it is named Callie. How genius is that! ;-) I am not sure about pricing. I need to so some research on this. I got an Etsy store and I am working hard on stock. I will let you know when its up and running. I would appreciate a visit, I will visit you as well. I always follow and share if I can. 

I am still sewing squares together. I will be done with this by tonight. The only thing left to crochet is the handles.

I hope I have enough yarn. I swear that's my life story. I had to sew them together with crochet thread, for an invisible join and so I wouldn't use the rest of my yarn put aside for the bag handles.

I wouldn't stress it so much but our local Walmart does not carry this Red Heart Super Saver in Lagoon. I got it in an end aisle, on clearance for $2.00. That's not a bad price but there was only 2 skeins. 
I think I will have enough. Fingers Crossed.

This was just a quick update to show you what I am working on. I will post the bag once I get it done. 
Everyone has something they love to crochet, I love to make bags, I

Have a great rest of the day!

Happy Hookin!

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