Thursday, March 19, 2015

Crochet Lipstick Case

Good Morning, my friends.
I know its early but late last night I was up crocheting the insomnia away and I made a lipstick case.

Here is the pattern from Lipstick Case from

It was super simple. I made it in an hr or so. It takes a little sewing at the ends and it needs something to secure it.

Isn't it adorable. It's just the right size to carry lipstick. Of course you can put lip balm in it, but I wanted something other than a cozy for a key chain. This can be thrown in my pocketbook. No more run away lipstick in the bottom of my bag!

Here is a couple pictures.

This is how it looks from the back.

The inside.

This pattern is done only in SC. You are supposed to use a small hook but I used an E. The little round circles on the ends were supposed to be done in another round but since my hook was bigger I just left it in the first round and cut. 

I made sure I had a matching button. I didn't make a button hole. I just put the button through the shell at the top. It went right through really easy. 

I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I hope the person I made it for loves it too.

What do ya think?

Here is it! Its pretty, ladylike and perfect. Easy project, great gift for your friend or yourself!

It works for me!

Make your own today. It can be done in scraps. It takes hardly any yarn at all. I had fun making it and its a beginner project.

If you make this let me know!
I want to see them.

I just wanted to share with you today.
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Hookin!

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