Monday, March 16, 2015

Ta-Dah! Crochet Wallet

Good Afternoon, my crochet friends and otherwise....

I have the crochet wallet that I teased you with last post. I just got the finishing done. I wanted to get every last little WIP that I had so I could concentrate on granny. Last night I worked through a skein of RHSS Charcoal, its taking about an hr to go all the way around now. I am getting about 3 rows per skein, and adding about 3 inches. It is a never ending granny done with a lt pink square, then charcoal, lt. pink, ect....It is going to cover my queen sized bed. I am making the pillow covers to match.
Anyway, back to why we are here.
Yesterday, I showed you this pattern from 

and today I want to show you the one I made.

I just realized mine was opposite of the one shown. 

Isn't it adorable. The colors are not baby colors, but they sure look like it on here. 

This wallet had a little finishing to do because of the pockets that are inside of it to store your cards and bills in. 

Here is my inside...

There are a few pieces to this pattern, here are a few of mine before I sewed them on.

This is the string to close the wallet, it also holds tight whatever you decide to use the mesh front pocket for. It wraps around the wallet and is secured around the button not hooked on it. The string is also thread through the inside of the wallet and tied, so you can secure it with a lot of items or just a few. It's the perfect size. The pattern maker suggests a cell phone holder is what she made the mesh for. Since I haven't used mine yet, it's not full and I haven't put my phone in it yet.


Here is the little button I made by putting both yarns together to make it strong.

Here it is all laid out before I put all the extra pieces in it.

The pieces inside is just rows of sc to make the divider, and a little square made of sc for your cards.

This whole wallet but the button is made from sc except the mesh and its just dc and tc. It's very easy. Even putting it together was not a problem at all. The pattern explains it very well.

It also has a matching change purse that I have not made yet.

I will put that in another post so you can see what it looks like. If you make this, I would like to see it. You can always email them to me at my email address.

Thanks for stopping by today! 

I was happy to share a little piece of my day and work with you.

Have a good evening!

Happy Hookin!

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