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#FixTheGap Secure A Tank Review

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I have a review for you for Secure A Tank.

All ideas, and comments are my own. I got the product free to try. I got no money, just the product for an honest review.

Here is the link to the product...

and the product link for

I signed up for this product because I thought I could use it on the back of my tank. Once I got the product and really got to reading it I really wondered if these little plastic braces would really work.

My toilet is about 4 inches from the back of the wall. Although, it didn't wobble, I knew that this would be something I could try. 

I got out the package, and got to reading the info on the packaging.

Here are a few things it says...

Secure A Tank is a toilet tank brace which helps prevent tank wobble and damage from unwanted toilet movement. It's an affordable, 1-time insurance policy against costly leaks and repairs that every toilet should have. 

It has an easy 3 step installation, and the pack came with 4 braces. Enough to do 2 toilets. 

Made in the USA!

Here is a picture of the product I received.

See the long plastic brace? They can be cut to fit as well. 

Here are the directions from the packaging...

1. Measure-Remove lid. Place flat end of extension on the wall over the top right or left edge of the toilet tank. Mark the extension where it meets the back edge of the tank.

2. Cut-Use a saw to cut the extension T. Do not cut the T too short.

3. Assemble-Insert the cut end of the extension into the T-Groove in the clip.

4. Install-Clip the 2 assembled parts onto the back edge of the toilet tank at the locations you measured from. Replace Tank cover.

Isn't that easy?

The pieces are very light, and can be moved back and forth very easy.

Here is a picture of the brace itself...

Here is what Amazon has to say about Secure A Tank...

Secure-A-Tank Toilet Tank Brace - 4 Toilet Pack

List Price:$19.98
Price:$18.99 + $6.75 shipping
You Save:$0.99 (5%)
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Vadco Products.
    • Prevents Toilet Tank Movement and Leaks
    • Prevents Wall Damage
    • DIY Easy Install
    • Cheap Insurance Policy
    • Protects Your Investment

    That's some great information. I think its worth the price. If you have ever sat on a toilet that wobbles, you know how important tank stability is. 

    This product can prevent the #1 cause of catastrophic bathroom leaks!

    Secure A Tank also has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This Vadco Innovations should be free from defects in the material and manufacture. Defective units may be returned to Vadco Innovation for replacement, free of charge. Replacements are subject to the opinion of Vadco Innovations.

    I got 4 of these braces in one package, enough to go around my house and stop my toilets from moving. 

    My partner got out the supplies I would need to put these on my tank.

    It was super easy. We used a hand saw and they cut right at the point that they fit well, they were easy to connect to the edge of the toilet.

    I dont have any pictures because you cant see mine. I cant get in there to take a picture of it. Too dark, too small of a space. 

    Here are all 4 that came in my package.

    The bottom brace is turned around backwards so you can see both ends good.

    If you are looking for an affordable way to #FixTheGap or to secure your tank give this product from Vadco Innovations a try.

    The price is really reasonable for what you receive. I think that $25 dollars is a great deal, and a quick fix.

    I promise you won't be behind your toilet all day installing the Secure A Tank. 

    Its that easy!

    Here is what Johnny V 4th Generation Plumber said about Secure a Tank...

    As a 4th Generation Plumber,the most common & costly problem I see is damage caused by toilet tanks. Tanks with a gap between the tank and wall eventually leak or crack releasing small amounts to hundreds of gallons of water into homes. That’s why I invented Secure-A-Tank The easiest way to fix the gap in a snap.”

    It's true!

    Here is the link to the YouTube Video...

    Do your research, take your time in finding the right product for you and your budget. 

    These braces are a cheaper way of fixing the toilet without buying a new one. This product enhances your home in a way that no one see's but they will appreciate no wobble when they sit down. :-)

    I really liked this product, its my honest opinion of the Secure A Tank toilet tank braces for Vadco Innovations.

    If you need to #FixTheGap or just make your tank more stable this is the product for you, and its affordable.

    All the info is above, make your own decisions but I would purchase this is I had more than the 2 toilets they sent me braces for.

    No more wobble, No more leaks!

    Thanks for stopping by today to read my review. I love to share with all of you. 

    How can we make honest, informed decisions without all the information?

    Well, here it is!

    Have a great day and use Secure A Tank if you need it!

    Your guests will THANK YOU!


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