Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crochet Flower Pot for Mother's Day

Ok, maybe not, but "almost" anything, I can do, and some of that I want to show you today. How are you on this dreary Sunday afternoon? Me, I am still somewhat bedridden (although, I am moving around a bit more) but I have so many awesome things to share this post that I have wanted to get started all day!

Hang out with me for a bit, and share in my CROCHET happiness! :-)

Let's start this post out with a couple good things that have happened to me lately. I won a giveaway from Divas With A Purpose and I can't remember if I showed you a picture of my win, plus it had a cash prize.

It has a drinking cup, an awesome t-shirt, a journal, and a sticker. I was thrilled with this prize. Thanks to Divas With A Purpose!

I enter a lot of contests but I never seem to win yarn (other than the Merino I won from Little Things Blogged). That was a previous post HERE.

Well, I have broken that streak and I won some yarn! I got a congratulation email that said this...


My original winner never claimed her prize, so do you know what that means?

Congrats! You are the big winner for my yarn giveaway in conjunction with the Crochetville Blog Tour.  

What have you won? Three skeins of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in the colors of your choice. You may choose up to three colors.  Please go to this link: to choose your three colors.

Now, I ask you, ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL!!!! 3 skeins of lovely Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash in my choice of color! I went through and picked out Duck Egg Blue 1985
Spring Bud 1997
Banana Cream 1915
You can find Cascade Yarn and my 3 choices HERE
I have never used this yarn before as I haven't been crocheting long but do you love it? Let me know! 

I had another great surprise too! I won TWINKIE CHAN'S April Blog Sponsored Giveaway!!! Whoo-Hoo! Seriously folks, I am super stoked about this win. Not only for me, but there are a few of the prizes that will make great X-Mas gifts for my niece. There are a pair of made to order cherry leggins, I love the cards and especially the stationary set. This was a great win to a couple good Etsy shops as well. All in all....9 pieces total!

Moving on...

I finally got my shipment from my win from Being MVP & Dexas. Sadly, all the items were there but the grip board cutting boards. Here are a few pics of what I did receive. I plan to make a blog post once I it all gets here and I can pull it all out to use it. 

Awesome salad spinner. I am a vegetarian so this will be used in my house.

Spoon & Strain Tongs, Mezzaluna, Collapsible KlipScoop (this is awesome for practical portion control.

and a very nice 5 qt salad bowl. Jeff @Dexas gave me the option to pick a color. Purple of course! Salads brighten up the table and in this bowl its going to look awesome.
All I am waiting on is the FedEx truck to bring my cutting boards (3). I already have the tracking number. This is a great company. I will share more once the AWOL items get back home.

When I got the email from Dexas, I also had a email from Her 3 Little Thinkers telling me that I won 2 Body Wax kits from BodyHonee. I have never waxed myself at home so I may need a helper. I think I have someone in mind. Oh, Bub! ;-) ( I will let you know how that goes :-))

Last but not least, the big one. 
Here is the email I got...

HI Crystal,

I am about to make your day!  You just won the Kohls GIveaway from our blog, Still Blonde after all these YEARS.  You can visit your prize here:

As you may remember, you won :
$100 Kohl's Card
Please provide your correct email, phone number and address.  If you do not respond within 48 hours, I will have to award your prize to someone else and that will make me sad!  

Again, CONGRATS!  Who is you favorite blogger now????  HMMM?????

Shelley Zurek
Chief Blonde and Blogger
Still Blonde after all these YEARS!THE Blog for Women over 45! 
High Value Giveaways for ALL!

Pretty awesome, and I am so happy. Usually Kohl's is not a place I normally shop because I am a bargain shopper but I love their clearance!

So, not too bad of a start to the spring. I am thankful for all the hosts, blogs, and their owners for making my mailbox happy! 

Thanks so much!

Ok, now back to crochet....

Here are a few of my Mother's Day gifts for my mom. A kitty card (she has that cat on the front :-)), a glade candle in Berry Passion and let me tell you, you can smell this candle from OUTSIDE the box. Lastly, a fabric covered box that I am going to put the candle and some chocolate truffles in. All of this came from our Dollar Store on clearance! About $2.50 in all!

Inside of box, and the little ditty in the card.

The box would work great for index cards. I can think of a million ways to DIY this box and use it!

Did I show off my yarn bowl? Its from Carl
I bought it at a craft show, and at such a reasonable price (I mean REASONABLE) that you should email him for one and say Crystal Walker sent you! I am in love with mine, I am going to start collecting. He lives at the end of my street. My mom got one and her's is black with gold flecks in the pottery. Its beautiful too. 

I have good news on the #WIP for my bedroom. I am down to 5 rows of TC on the back, seam it up and insert pillow. DONE!!! I have 30 skeins in it and that is without the cafe curtains that are supposed to go with the set.

Here is the ROADTRIP scarf that I am working on....

At the start...

I still have many rows to go, plus a edging. This is going to turn out lovely for a spring scarf. I want to wear it bandanna style with jeans and a t-shirt. I am in love with this pattern. 
You can find the ROADTRIP SCARF HERE on

Now, my proudest moment of the past few days...A Crochet Flower Pot for my mom for Mother's Day. 

It's a free pattern from Lion Brand HERE

It needs to relax a little but it turned out so cute. 

Here is the progress....

The pot

the grass (what ur flowers attach too)

all of the flowers ( I made about 10 more of each)

My leaves (I made more of these too)

All the little bits and pieces.

the flowers on top of the green grass. I left a long tail at both ends so I could tie underneath to secure them. I used a gold yarn for the knot in the middle. Once again long tail, and I tied them underneath with the flower tails.

You can see how I tied them on. Neatly as I could.

The pot once I stuffed it with a recycled stuffed animal tore apart.

I am very proud of it and I know my mom is going to love it. 
I can see it sitting on her kitchen window sill with the rest of her African Violets. 

I started this yesterday evening, and only worked on it a few hrs today. It's a simple, fun project and very easy. I had to add the turquoise around the pot. My fave color that HAD to be used with that Cayenne kitchen cotton. The pot is cotton, and the band around it. The rest is With Love, from Red Heart.

Make yourself one and send it to me! I am going to make a million and set them around my house. I DO NOT have a green thumb and this is the way around that! It turned out so good, and so cute. 

As you can tell I have been pretty busy.

I wanted to share, I will have more coming this week. I want to show you what came in my mailbox!

Have a great evening!
Happy Hookin!

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