Friday, April 17, 2015

Crochet Tank Top, My 1st Crochet Wearable!

Hello, again!

I have something I am very proud of to share with you this morning.

I have been dying to crochet something wearable. 

Well, I did! AND with no pattern!

Here I am, I am wearing it! (all my other pics had my stretch mark belly in them), I TOLD my BuB not to get it in the shot but he does not listen because every one of them had it in it. Not a lot of belly mind you, the tank isn't short but it hits right at the belly button, but enough that you don't want to see!

Here is the yarn I used. It's Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour in Moonstone.

The yarn is this thin, stretchy neutral gray/brown with a silver runner of thread going through it. It's not soft like a yarn, but I used it anyway and it turned out to be the perfect yarn for this project.

Well, there is it. Do you like it?

I found an inspiration pin, and its always in knitting and since my knitting skills are practically non-existent I decided to make up my own pattern and wing it. It worked. Do you like it?

Just a simple row at the neck, followed by a row of sc, then the next rows are half double crochet.

That's it. Very simple.

My measuring tape was a must on this project.

Here are a few in progress pictures...

This first picture is the start of the neck line. I made this top from the top down. I made the front, then attached the back piece, I left the ties until the end.

This is the front side of the top almost finished. It's all HDC, with an edging of sc to finish it off on the bottom.

The back is just a strip I made of HDC and then I connected it at both sides. I didn't want to have to work in the round for this. It would have been tricky as I only went half way up the back. The seams on both side you cant see at all. I sewed them inside out so there is no line. 

Seriously, this was too easy!

before it had the ties on it. This was my fitting. LOL

Here is the view from the back. I tried to make it come up far enough that it pulled the sides in and they didn't gap. I didn't want the tank to pucker at the sides where it's on the diagonal on my breasts. Ok, I have no boobs, but I still wanted them to be in the right place! :-)

Yup, that's me in my new crochet tank top.

My damn camera! I ordered me one, a nice one, and it came damaged so I have to pay a $21 return and stock fee. Grr..Non Refundable! Still no camera. I thought by the time I had to put this post up it would be here, but the telescopic lens is not opening correctly, and it has to go back. Bear with me and I swear I will be posting better pictures soon.

I could have taken them outside, but I am resting my leg today.

Yes, I am still trying to stay off of it. Yesterday I had to run to Walmart for some yarn and a few other things and got it aggravated so I am paying for it today, so I am bed ridden once again today.

That's ok, I have some things I need to do on the pc.

The pattern (what there is of it) is simple.

You need a measuring tape, a darning needle. I used 2 balls of Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour in Moonstone. That's it!

Measure across your chest, below your neck to chain the right number to go across. Remember this is the top, your ties go on the corners.

I started with the chain and I HDC and increased on every row until the diagonal part of the front of the tank ( like this / ) hit right at my underarms, or at mid torso. Then I finished off with just regular HDC (no increases) the rest of the way to the bottom of the front of the tank. I ended with a row of sc to finish it off. 

Then I took my tape measure put the crocheted front on me and measured to see how much space I had left on the back. Then I chained that number and that made the back piece, I just HDC a rectangle and I just stitched them together on the wrong side, so the seams would be inside, and I finished that off with a row of sc as well.

The ties I chained 50, and went back through and sc another row and tied them off.

I attached them with a darning needle.

This is how I made sure it was going to fit, lol

This is the back view. These were taken my me, alone. It's hard to take a picture by yourself of your back!

All in all, it turned out lovely.

If I have only been crocheting 7 months and I already made my first wearable piece. I am super excited about it.

Now, if only our contrary WV weather would comply!

My Bub thinks it's sexy. I think it is a little skimpy for the grocery store but I think with a little black pair of tap shorts, and a pair of killer heels this could be a great date night top.

Something else, this could be made very easily into a little girl pattern. 

I made this in 2 days and that was on and off. Literally, it would only take a day if it got worked on continuously and less if it was for a little girl. I think it would be adorable!

I just wanted to share with all of you. I never thought a few months ago I would be making crochet wearable's!

On to a few more things....

I have a complaint....

Yesterday on my big yarn trip, I got enough Red Heart SS in Charcoal, I bought the last 8 they had. I am finishing up my bedroom set. That will be a great reveal soon, and it will be done before long. I have one more pillow sham, and 2 valances to make.


Here is my yarn haul from yesterday. I spent a fortune but I don't get there but every few months and a girl has to have some yarn stashed. Yes, I hid part of mine under the bed. lol

Here is the start of a crochet throw using with love yarn from RH. I am not sure of the pattern yet (I think cozy stripe, not sure), but the colors are going to be gorgeous together and this blanket is going to be so soft!

Here is my haul, I also got 2 hometown in navy for a crochet bag. I also got a big yarn cone so I could crochet my kitchen curtains.
There is 2 skeins of Boutique Unforgettable in Parrot. This yarn is gorgeous, and I have it planned for a crochet bandanna or a light weight scarf. 

I got what I needed to work for awhile.

Here is my complaint....

Once I got to crocheting and into the charcoal yarn, it had a "place" in it that looked terrible. Like a mouse chewed on it, and they just tied the chewed yarn together.

See how thick it is, there was about 8 hdc stitches that looked terrible.

It just made part of my work look all funky. (I swear my nails aren't gross and yellow, damn camera). About 2 inches of yarn that is way thicker than the rest, it's fuzzy and tied in random knots.

Red Heart Super Saver meant just that this time. They put a yard of yarn in mine that looked like they were trying to save it. It should of went in the trash.

Anyway, that's my post for today. 

I have a cool review for you later....Melatonin in a cream. 

I love it, but that's for another post.

I just wanted to share my happy day with you!

The tank is easy, and if you make one contact me or show me!

I would love to see it!

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me for awhile this morning.

Have a great day!

Happy Hookin!

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