Monday, January 19, 2015

Hook Case & Inspiration!

Good Morning!
I am a little under the weather today.
I have been up all night.  I think the flu is getting ready to make an appearance. 
All day yesterday I was working on a new hook case.  I had been trying to make this certain one, tearing out and starting over at least 5 times before it clicked.  It's funny how the exact same pattern, taught by someone else, worked for me this time.
Here is the link I used from AllFREECROCHET.COM
For some reason I got this one with no problem.  I guess the teacher does make a huge difference.  This is my second hook case.  The first one did not have pockets for the hooks, it just had a crocheted chain across to hold them.  Once I got the pattern down, I decided that it needed to be big.  I made 8 hook pockets, made more room on the left side, put me 2 3-D pockets, and made 2 little HDC strips along the top to put my stitch markers into.

I guess I could show you, right? (lol)


Ok, I agree its not the prettiest colors. Its Peaches & Creme Cotton in both colors.  The brown is my favorite but I'm not sure about the blue.  Oh well, its working for me.  It keeps all my little crochet bits.  Its rather long but I needed more room. 
The pockets are my own. 2 stitched together. Once I got done with the blue, I thought it needed an edging. Thats why I put the brown on. I was so excited to have it finished when I realized it had no way to close! I just chained both colors together and tied it on. Easy-Peasy!
I think it turned out nice. The colors don't show up as I would like them too but you get the basic idea.
It took me all day yesterday, and half of the day before stopping and starting the YouTube video so I could get it exactly right.  
I am thrilled with it.
I have accumulated many hooks and I needed another place to store them. So now I have 2!

I have been working on my inspiration project.

GRANNY SHRUG from Kootoyoo.

 Its a granny shrug, I posted about it a while ago.  I fell in love with it immediately.  My crochet skills were very new. (Like 2 months) Although, the pattern is easy it took me a while to actually get it started.  Well, one hex is on my hook.  It wont take long.  Here is a quick pic of my progress. Please excuse the lighting. I need a new camera.

The first pic is my granny hex.  It needs about 3 more rounds.  I have 2. Once I get them done, its just seaming them up.
The 2nd pic is the yarn I used.  I used Lion Brand Hometown.  Idk what color it is, Idh the wrapper. Its a soft black, with random colors thru it.  Its really soft and gorgeous.
One thing I have figured out.
When you start on something new read the whole pattern thru because guaranteed you'll be crocheting along and before you know it your on a row that doesn't exist.
I don't want to jinx myself. I am going to work on it today, try and get it seamed and hopefully I will have something gorgeous to put on to show you tomorrow. 
I hope you enjoyed visiting here today. I sure do appreciate it!


  1. That turned out well! I have to have a video in order to crochet anything or an instructor. I have a hard time just trying to crochet from a pattern.

    1. I always have the pattern, then I scour YouTube for a video to go with it. That darn hook case had me stumped about 5 times, and then I changed video instructors and it was fine. I am practicing my pattern reading, but its hard not to get lost sometimes. Thanks for the comment, and stopping by. Love to have you.

  2. Thank you for commenting in my blog.
    Many projects on you table.
    Wish you a nice week

  3. I love your hook case! Pinned!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. HI from WV, Portugal, WOW! I love how a blog and crochet brings us all together. You pinned it? Oh, how sweet. Thank you! I appreciate your stopping by.

  4. Such great projects! I never would have guessed that you were a newbie crocheter!