Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Firecracker Shrug

Good Evening my crochet friends!

I have been really busy, and have been offline for a few days. It did give me some crochet time.

I want to share with you my newest project!

I am not a shrug wearer but I just found this pattern adorable. Its my style. I figured it would look great with jeans and a tank.

The pattern is just a 30X22 HDC in a large rectangle.

This pattern is made for a large person. I am only a size 5 and once I got this all done, I figured out that it was WAY too large
I looked like I had chicken wings. lol

Here are a few pics before I realized I had to be King Kong to wear it...

(wayyyyyy toooo biggggg)

(you can really see the pattern in this pic)

The 1st picture is once I had the rectangle made. I had 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Artist Print. The pattern says it takes 2 skeins. If you look at the picture, that little bit of yarn thats left is showing. This was taken BEFORE I added the 3 rows of HDC all around the edges. I would not of had enough yardage if I would have needed the size the pattern made. I used a K hook, and one strand of yarn. Its a gorgeous color combination of purples and pinks without being too feminine or full of crochet holes. Its the perfect weight. Perfect for spring though. I will make another for sure. This would be a great gift!

(R.H. Artist Print)
Here is a close up of the yarn. Isn't it pretty?

 Now, here are the pictures once I tore out 4 rows of 7. (there are only 9 rows), then it fit me fine. I should have measured for myself but I honestly didn't know how to. I just hoped it fit. I was WRONG! Always read the pattern first, I learned. Beginner mistake. The designer does tell you how to chain for different sizes, which would have been VERY helpful if I would have read the darn thing thru.

Here is the shrug once I tore out the rows. See the difference in the yarn? I swear I got half a skein back by making it fit. At least I had enough left over to make the edging. I really wanted it to match.

This is a simple pattern. The directions for crocheting it together are simple. I had no trouble and I am pretty new to crocheted fashion. Ok, BRAND NEW. This is my first wearable item.

I am pleased with it. I wore it today with a long thermal violet blue shirt and I got a few compliments on it. I was proud.

I suggest you measure from shoulder to shoulder and chain that to get your size. Its just a basic rectangle. I also kept a pair of mini hair clips to secure my armholes when I wanted to try it on in the process of crocheting it. You dont want to crochet the seams together and then find out (like I did) that it doesn't fit!

If you are looking for a stash buster project or something to do in an evening then this is the pattern for you. Its written really well, easy to follow. All in all an interesting pattern. I enjoyed making it.

Much thanks to Posh Pooch Designs for posting a FREE pattern!

This is the side edging, the neck doesn't have its edging yet. 

Now it does....

This is how to fold it, make sure your rows are going up and down. I had mine across and it took me a minute to figure out what I done wrong.


What do you think? Please leave me a comment to let me know if you love it or its just not your thing. I will answer your questions too. I love when people comment. I do on all the blogs I read. We need to support each other!

I found this today and I love it! It fits me perfectly. I haven't bought myself anything BUT yarn in months. I'm obsessed.
Have a great rest of the evening. I will be back soon!



  1. This shrug is lovely. I love the colorway on the yarn, too. You did a very nice job.

  2. It's so very pretty! Glad you ended up with enough yarn to finish it off! I'm just now moving into crocheting wearables and have also discovered the value of reading the sizing instructions provided with the pattern......can you say " frog it" ? Lol!